Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 Years

January 14, 2006 was our wedding day.  Its hard to believe its been 8 years since we said "I do".  I cannot imagine being on this journey of life with anyone else.  Brian is my amazing husband. ( I should tell him that more often! ;-) )  I look back and see all that God has done in our lives and I am so thankful that the Lord knows what he is doing.   I am thankful for all the good times, the hard times and the down right "this stinks" times because it brings us to today and it keeps our eyes on the future.  I am thankful for the son we have and the joy he brings to both of us and others everyday.  I am so very thankful for Jan 14, 2006.

Happy Anniversary to my man, my hubs, my best friend. Thank you for being you. Thank you for working so hard for us. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for putting up with my craziness (this happens often). Thank you for loving me...just as I am.  I love you.  Here's to many more years.

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Ann Marie Wright said...

This was so lovely to read.


Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!