Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Strikes Again!

So I have spent a good amount of time on Pinterest this summer and have really enjoyed finding new ideas, recipes and dream projects!!  So my first project was J's Sand and Water Table (see previous post).  This project looked really fun and I hope it will give J a place to play while I am in the kitchen. Apartment dwelling does not lend itself to a large kitchen area. As my Memaw would have said, "Amy..you have a one butt kitchen". And she is so right. So in order to keep MY butt as the only butt in the kitchen during supper time prep I decided to make this.

So here is my project process. I am so happy that it took me less than an hour to complete which made it perfect for a naptime project! 
Here are my project supplies.  1 oil drip pan, 2 boxes of flash cards (only 1 would fit so I did ABCs), 1 Extreme Glue Stick, and not seen here cleaner and the 3M velcro strips I used for hanging.

After cleaning off the sticker and giving it an overall wipe down for any residue I simply eye-balled the cards and where I wanted them.

Here is the finished product hanging in place.
Pretty please with myself!  I think we will enjoy this for a long time. I can easily remove it from the wall because I used 3M Velcro and can place it in a different spot or room later with a new set of strips. Easy peasy!

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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