Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our summer!!
Sunday nights has become Movie Night!! Brian and I pick a movie, pop the corn and snuggle up. We look forward to it all week and its a great way to wrap up the weekend.

Lunch at Fuddrucker's one day. We tried In & Out but the line was ridiculous so we ended up at Fuddrucker's. Great burgers and we LOVE the cool Coke machine they have.

Visiting with friends this summer. This is Makayla and she is about 4 weeks older than Jack.

This is Makayla's older sister Melissa.

Riding the train at the Tulsa Zoo. I think it was Jack's favorite part of our day.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!