Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 6 of 31 Days to Clean

Thought I would update on my progress with the 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way. So the book really seems to written for and geared to the SAHM who lives in an actual HOUSE..none of that is bad of course but I have had to make some adjustments do the daily challenges based on our apartment dwelling. For instance, I have no window treatments in the kitchen or blinds so I simply found a needed task in my house(apt) and did that instead. I cannot remember exactly but I think I did a heavy clean on the countertops. I am finding the book a real blessing in the fact that even though it may not line up exactly with my house it sure is keeping me focused on cleaning and organizing on a daily basis. I started the summer with a list of "to dos" in my head and in all honesty I need to write them down and be more efficient.

Each morning I have gotten up and read the book and read my Bible...and reading my Bible on a daily basis..well..let's just say that has not happened like it should..and I have missed that time. So a new day a new start. Each day I read the Mary and Martha challenges in the book and decide just how to go about each one. I actually need to complete yesterday's Mary challenge of making a priority list and writing it down. Today the Martha challenge is to clean out cabinets but instead I am going to clean out closets because that is a greater need at the moment.

I have joined one of the "31 Days" groups on Facebook and have been relieved to see that I am not alone in my struggles/issues/motivation when it comes to housework. I think I really needed to see that.

I will say that since starting the book last week and being WAY more focused on the house I have most definately felt my stress decrease and I am getting better at my time management at home. The transition from working everyday and having your time managed for you via class periods and bells to being at home with ALL this time and no boundaries except good morning and good night can be a struggle and has been for me each year when school has let out. I know this is a process and there will be good days, great days and then not so great days and that I must allow myself some grace on certain days, actually probably most days!

So time is up for blogging and I have a closet full of clothes I need to sort through and figure out.
Have a blessed day!

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Sarah said...

Great job, Amy! So proud of you! And you're have to make it work for you and what you can do in your space. :) After you go through the 31 Days, her new challenges online are quite helpful for starting a routine! I'm working on those right now and still have to adjust them based on what we have. (for instance, she has you work on a bedroom every day for 3-4 different days and I only have one bedroom to work on and do laundry for (my other 3 bedrooms are a guest room and empty/storage!) so I just work on something else that day.

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Engagement Picture
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