Friday, March 11, 2011

Back to Work and Our First Cold

So its been quite the week in the England house. Mom went back to work Monday, J went to daycare and J got his first cold.

March 7th was a day that had been prayed over and anticipated for months. March 7th was my scheduled day to return to work. I had gone through the anxiety, fear, denial, etc but I am thankful that the Lord took care of all that when I let Him! I wrote a prayer of confession a couple of weeks ago and I prayed it often leading up to March 7th. I was not at all anxious about returning to my actual job. I have taught for 14 years now and am totally comfortable teaching and I work with amazing people! I did find it hard imagining leaving J somewhere. The thought of someone else taking care of him has hard to imagine. But I had to remind myself that I had prayed for MONTHS that the Lord would prepare a place for J to be when I returned to work and that now was no time to doubt what the Lord had prepared. So Monday morning we all got up and made our way out the door. I cried a bit when leaving J but I also had a peace, a peace given by the Lord. I cried and praised the Lord all the way to work because I was so thankful for all the Lord has done in our lives and because I just plain missed my boy.
It was good to see my co-workers and students and the day fell into place as I had hoped it would. I did decide to spend my lunch back at daycare with J so I ran over there just in time to give him a bottle and rock him a bit. (our school district has daycare for employees kids, so J is a one of our elementary campuses) The day ended with a very tired mama that was thrilled to see her boy.

J had a great first day. J had a great second and third day but by Wednesday evening he had his first cold. Stuffy head and icky cough showed up quickly and kept mama and daddy up a good bit that night. Thursday we went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't RSV and thankfully the test came back negative. I had hoped we would be back to work and daycare today but J started running a fever late in the day Thursday. Since kids have to be fever free for 24 hours before returning J wouldn't be able to head to daycare.

Having a sick little one is no fun and can be frustrating since there isn't a lot you can do for them but I am thankful that this was not worse and J man is on the mend.


Peggywhiz said...

LIfe is health, sickness, sorrow, tears, excitement, joy and love. He just got a little sickness at an early stage, but God is so good to care for us and take care of our needs and see us through it all. Praise Him through every circumstance, good and bad. For we have the most awsome and loving Heavenly Father. Thank you Jesus for getting Jman on the mend.

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