Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sitting Here

I am sitting here listening to my little man through the baby monitor. I just put him down for a nap and he is content in his crib but "talking" up a storm. He is 7 weeks old now and I can hardly believe it. I am about 4 weeks away from returning to work and that will get here too quickly.

My little guy has found his hands and last night he found his thumb and sucked away until I could get to him to feed him. It was so cute seeing that tiny thumb in his mouth and him just going to town.

Our lives have changed so dramatically and so quickly and in such a wonderful way. There were days when I thought I would never get more sleep. There were moments when I had NO idea what to do next or how to quiet my crying son. There have been giggles, smiles, squeals. There have been leaky diapers and stinky diapers. There have been spit ups, burps, toots and grunts.
There have been cuddles, snoozes, baths and play time. None of these things were a part of our lives 8 short weeks ago. And I would give none of them back, not even for all the money in the world.

Jack has such a sweet disposition. He is cheerful, excitable and kicky! Yes, kicky. What I felt in the womb has come to fruition outside of the womb. He often looks like he is trying to ride a bike. I love mornings right after he has eaten. He likes to sit in his lounger and 'talk', coo, kick, smile and basically melt my heart. THAT will be hard to leave at day care in a few weeks. But the Lord will provide peace and strength.

Well I think little man is drifting off to la la land as his talking is less and less. Sweet dreams sweet boy. Mama loves you so.

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!