Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6:20 and 13 degrees

Well its 6:20 in the morning and J man and I have been up since about 4:45. He has had breakfast and most likely will be ready for his first nap of the day before 7:00. I know mom is!
Actually its not that bad. I fed J man at 6:30 last night and he went down around 7:00 for what I thought would be his last nap of the day and we would feed again around 10:00 and head to bed for the night. Nope I guess not! J decided to sleep until 2:00 in the morning!! I could not believe it. I crawled into bed at 10:00 assuming I would get in a short nap and he would be ready to eat.
I was shocked to see the clock at 2:00. We have switched our night feeding to just the bottle so we were both back in bed by 2:30 and J slept til 4:45. I can't believe he is sleeping this long but truly thankful!!

So we are hanging out watching the news and in awe that is 13 degrees!!! Its day two of being iced in so we shall keep the heat on and snuggle up for the day. Daddy has headed to work so I am praying him there safely and hoping they can keep the shop warm today.

Have a good one and hope you are warm wherever you are!

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