Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Month Old Today!

Today I am one month old! I can hardly believe it and Mom and Dad are even more surprised!

Our first month has been mostly eating, sleeping, pooping and more of the same. Mom and Dad talk to me all the time and I do my best to talk back but as you can see from the video, my skills are still a little lacking. But hey! I'm only one month old!

Before I know it I will be crawling then walking then running!! But until then I will do my best to take my time growing up so that Mom and Dad aren't too overwhelmed.


Peggywhiz said...

My Baby Jack is still the most beautiful baby on the planet and I love him the mostest. Just looking at the video he is jumping right in my heart and I could smother him in kisses. Tell him his Mimi loves him ---------------------------------------------------this much.

Chad & Amy said...

How sweet! Eat him up while you can...soon you'll be chasing him around, and you'll be missing this stage. Take lots of video!

Congrats Jack:)

Cheryl Barker said...

Thanks for sharing your sweetie pie with us, Amy. That yawn -- oh, my! Cherish these precious days!

Marshall Lynch said...

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