Sunday, January 16, 2011

This New Life

Tomorrow J man will be one month old, at least he will be 4 weeks old (as a new mom I have not a clue how that age/week thing it by weeks from the day he was born? or the date which he was born?)

We have had quite the adventure since we arrived home. I was sick the first 2 weeks and of course breast feeding is a whole adventure in and of itself!! My mother-in-law was here the first week we were home and then my mom came for the next 2 weeks. We were so appreciative of the help but we are also glad that is just the three of us now.

Maddie dog has really done well adjusting to J man and has already assumed responsibility for his protection. She sits nearby any time I am feeding J man and she stays on Alert the whole time.

J man has changed so much already and I know that just another week from now he will look even more different!! Just in the last day I can see him really filling out and those adorable cheeks becoming fuller!

We are begining to get into a routine and I have been reading "Becoming Babywise". I like the idea/concept of the cyclical routine of eat/wake/sleep and I thankful that J man seems to naturally default to that routine. I am working on getting him to fall asleep in his crib but he also gets a little swaying, rocking, patting before going down. A drowsy J man falls asleep pretty well! I look forward to more of a schedule/routine so I can begin to think about other things and keeping the house up. Right now I tend to sleep when he sleeps since sleep is pretty much at a premium!

We are extremely blessed that J man is a really good baby. Except for some gas issues we are having we have no real problems. He is a happy baby and is content most of the time.

As a family we are getting settled in and the new "normal" is appearing more and more everyday. Its a good new "normal", actually is a wonderful new "normal" and before long I won't even remember the old "normal".
Parenthood is amazing and I am loving This New Life.


Marc and Charity said...

You are doing great!! It's such a huge change and even though you love him more than you thought possible, it's still ok to admit it's hard and frustrating at times! I did the eat/play/sleep thing- not to a T every time, but that basic schedule and I don't know if was that or we are just blessed with 3 good sleepers, but all of my girls have slept through the night within the first 3 months and it made me feel a bit more normal to have a routine- but that's just me! :)

Sarah said...

To make it easy on parents, it's the same day each month. :) Is that the 20th? (the whole pregnancy weeks/months counting sets everything up for confusion!)

Keep up the good work!

Chad & Amy said...

Can't believe that it has almost been one month!!!

Glad to hear that things are settling down and becoming "normal"...hehe...don't worry life will never be "routine" again! Having children adds a dimension to life that makes life even more ever-changing:)

Cheryl Barker said...

Glad to hear that you are loving being a mom. And the J man nickname is super cute -- along with the little guy himself! :)

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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