Monday, July 6, 2009

How something so small can cause so much pain!

It is truly amazing to me that some of the smallest things in life can bring the greatest pain.
Like for instance the paper cut. We have all had one and those stinkers can really hurt! A precisely place paper cut can render one's hand almost useless!!
What about a spinter? I recently had the tiniest shard of metal in the very tip of my right index finger and I became instantly disabled. I could not seem to function until this small object was removed.

Ever had a broken toe? Our toes are truly not very big in comparison to other parts of body but man they sure can change your life if one is broken. That very thing is what our household is dealing with this week.

This morning my husband broke his toe at work and suddenly the world no longer functions as it did before!

First let me say I am so very thankful that this work injury is merely a toe because in the land of Collision Repair there are multitudes of power tools, chemicals and heavy objects and just as many opportunities for injury. Brian has been in this new career for over 3 years and this is our first major injury. PTL!

But back to the TOE...that small little part of your foot that is so very necessary for walking, running, and balance. Break it..and NOTHING is the same!! Can't walk the same, cant' climb stairs, can't even sit or stand without great caution all because of a broken toe.

So my wonderful dear Hubs is layed out on the couch, foot properly elevated and watching a little Brian Regan for some comic relief. Not a bad way to spend a day, except for the throbbing big toe at the end of his leg! But thankfully the pain medicine is starting to do its job and relief is on its way.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer. Have a great week!


Cheryl Barker said...

Amy, I love how you said "suddenly the world no longer functions as it did before!" LOL (By the way, sorry about your hubby's toe!)

Amy E. said...

it is truly amazing how something small can cause such a big change...
guess I should really think about that when it comes to my actions..and showing Christ to the world...the smallest of details, actions and words have the potential to make a great change.

The toe is as good as it can be..and B is being a great patient!
have a great weekend!

LisaShaw said...

So sorry about your husband's toe. I can relate to all of what you said.

Paper cut, stubbed or broken toe, banged elbow, torn cuticle and more...those annoying little areas can hurt so much.

May your husband heal quickly in Jesus Name.

Hope you're enjoying your summer :)

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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