Friday, April 24, 2009

Countdown to Summer!!

Well the countdown has begun and that's not a good thing! See when we (students and teachers) start the countdown we lose sight of the NOW...since we are so focused on the LATER (summer that is). Its a difficult time of year to teach because either the kids aren't "In it" or its hard to get yourself "in it". But the goal is to keep teaching all I can and continue trying to fill up their little brains with lots of good knowledge UNTIL summer arrives!

June 9th is the last day of my school year but 4 weeks from today I am done with course work. Tier 1 kids are done with school May 22nd and Tier 2 kids continue on until June 9th. Since I don't teach a core course I am done with exams on May 21st and will see my kids once more on May 22nd. I then move on to "other duties" on campus until June 9th. Its hard for me to believe that I am wrapping up my 12th year of teaching..I am not sure where the time has gone. I can only hope that my kids remember something positive from class and maybe, just maybe remember a few signs!!

Have a great weekend!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I just read your comment on Beth Moore's blog about the "Parched peanuts" that your granddaddy used to make. My Daddy used to make them too. He would just take "green" (not in color....just unprocessed peanuts) and put them in a metal pan and stick them in the oven....about 350 degrees maybe....and let them bake... or "parch". He would check them every 10 minutes or so to make sure they were not burning. He would give the pan a little shake every time he checked them. I don't really know how long it took. Possibly 30 to 40 minutes but maybe not that long. He would crack one open and blow on it for me before he gave it to me when they first would come out of the oven. I had not thought about parched peanuts in a long time until I read your comment. Thanks for the memory. ha


Georgia Jan said...

Hello Amy: I'm "Georgia Jan" and wanted to tell you about parched peanuts - boy that brought back the memories!

My Dad will be 75 this coming Wednesday the 29th, and he still makes them. He buys raw peanuts in the shell - lays them out on a big cookie sheet and basically just "bakes" them in the oven. Probably around 30 minutes at about 350 degrees. Halfway through, he'll take the pan out and shake the peanuts around and test one or two.

They are delicious and I love them too!

Happy Saturday,
"Georgia" Jan

Liz said...

Wow. I remember when school was always out by May. June?! That's just too late. :)

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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