Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer is over and Whole30 has arrived

Summer is officially over here not because the weather has changed but because I am back at work!  Jack started Pre-K 4 weeks ago and is loving every minute. He is growing like a weed and I dread the amount of new pants I am going to have to buy.  We are all doing well and its hard to believe that we have been in our house over a year now. I love having a house even with all the fun "home ownership" things that go along with it.  

Since we are pretty settled in the house and back to work/school we thought it would be a good time to shake things up a bit. Well its probably more honest to say that 6 months ago I bugged Brian about how bad our eating habits were and that he needed to read a book.  "It Starts With Food" is the book and here we are 6 months later ready to make some changes.  We also picked up the "Whole30" cookbook and it will be our best or worst friend over the next 30 days.  The easiest way for me to describe what we are doing is this:  Eat meat, eat veggies, eat fruit, use good oils for cooking and real herbs/seasonings. That's is.  No sugar, no msg, no processed, no dairy (yes this means I am learning to enjoy black coffee) and you do all of this for THIRTY days!! In a row.

So here we are on Day 1. We have had 2 meals and a plan for supper.  Today was easy..why? Its Labor Day and Brian and I were both off work.  Tomorrow..well that's another story.  But we are working the plan and praying for healthier habits to stick.

I will be posting our menu/food things on instagram here  if you care to follow along!!

Hope this finds you well.  Blessings!

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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