Thursday, February 14, 2013

No..still here!

I cannot believe I have not blogged a word since Christmas!!  Its February 14th and its been a good day.  That isn't something I thought I would have said at 7:45 this morning as I cried on the way to work.  Some mornings are just rough..period.  Today's roughness was brought courtesy of a sickly child, lack of sleep and well, lack of sleep.  But that passed and the day got better.  

In the two months since I have blogged a lot has happened and then again, not so much has happened.  We have stayed busy, J man being the busiest of us all.  He is 2 in every possible way. He has 2 speeds: On and Off and he gets frustrated easily.  But he is growing and amazing us on a daily basis.  Everyday he asks for his music to be turned "ahff ahff" which really means ON but he prefers the way "ahff" rolls off the tongue more than ON so "ahff" (off) it will be. 

We as a family are currently without church.  We felt led back around the first of December that the season at our old church was coming to an end.  It is always a bittersweet time  because you know you will miss the friends you have made and will miss seeing their faces each week but at the same time there is something new and exciting about the next journey.  We have been visiting a church for a few weeks and I am not sure it is where we will land for the next chapter but for now its a good place. 

I cannot believe we are halfway through February and I am staring Spring Break down the barrel.  This school year is flying by and seems more rushed, hurried and even haggard than ever before.  I do believe a revamp in some lessons is needed to streamline things a tad.  But that will have to be a summer project because there is no time currently. 

I know this has been quite the random post but hopefully its just a small glimpse of US.  We are good and we are so very blessed.  Here are some fun pictures of the family. 
Have a blessed weekend. 
Mommy and J being silly

Big boy at daycare

I hope he always loves to read books

My Mini Magnum P.I.

How we spend many afternoons on pretty days.

Yes we do exist and we even still have dates!

Our favorite park on a sunny day.

My sweet friend Molly and me.

Can't forget the Maddie girl. Sweet pup we have had almost 3 years.

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Very interesting blog! Wish you all the best!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!