Friday, December 14, 2012

How to clean your LED/Computer Screen

I do not usually post about cleaning techniques as this is not a strong area for me but today I have been impressed!  For my husband's 35th birthday I surprised him with a new flat screen TV.  At one time something was on the screen and he tried to clean it and left this patch of smear on the screen.  Since then we have had a child and that said child is now very mobile and eats and drinks all over the house.  Chocolate milk was recently added to our TV screen.  It was time to find a solution and get this screen clean!!  Well Google to the rescue! I read up on some options for cleaning an LED or computer screen without scratching or causing damage.  Here is the solution:

1. Buy a microfiber cloth. I found mine for $2 at the Wal-mart.  It was suggested to make sure this cloth is reserved ONLY for cleaning your screens.  This should never be washed with laundry softener or dried with a dryer sheet. I will be washing mine and hanging dry. 

2. A solution of equal parts Distilled Water and Isopropyl Alcohol.  I used 1/4 cup of each and put in a new spray bottle. I then labeled said bottle clearly with this statement. "TV Screen Spray: Spray ONLY ONTO THE CLOTH NEVER ONTO the SCREEN" 

Once I had tools in hand I went to work.  This was slow work but it WORKED!! I sprayed the cloth and began to clean an area.  The alcohol in the solution seemed to cause it to evaporate quickly so I had to re-spray the cloth lightly but that was not a problem.  After about 15 minutes of cleaning the old smear and the newer dried chocolate milk were all gone! Its really amazing how clean and bright the screen is now!! 

I think the hubs will approve.
Have a great day!!

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Engagement Picture
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