Monday, July 9, 2012

Sand and Water Table Project

So I was tinkering around Pinterest a couple of months back and found this post about making your own Sand and Water table.I love the way the table looked and if we lived in a house with a garage I would have been out the door buying new tools. Instead we live in Apartment Land and we are a tad limited when doing projects. I had shared the idea of the table with my husband and I told him I thought we could get creative and come up with our way or another.

One afternoon we were headed out to run errands and drove past our dumpster and Brian and I had the same thought at the same moment! Sand and Water Table!!! Next to our dumpster was an old coffee table. So Brian quickly carried that old coffee table to our back patio!! Here are pictures of our process and the almost finished project. I had a great time creating something and of course using power tools (a shout out of thanks to my step-dad for the loaner on the power tools). I think J-man is going to love it and will have a new post with pictures of his first time playing. I have no doubt my little boy will be good and dirty!! Can't wait!
Here is our Dumpster Dive find.

Using power tools!!

Here is the concept. Water on one side, Sand on the other

Here is the table all sanded and prepped.
You can see the boxes have lids to keep things neat.

Let the painting begin. I love this shade of blue. 

So here is the table all painted. Needs to dry overnight before dropping in the boxes.

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Great idea and will be so much fun for the babes.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!