Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well She's Gone!!

Today we sold my 2000 Honda Civic. This was my first "big girl purchase" eleven years ago. I test drove car after car, searched the web, and called Pop a thousand times before making the decision to buy and now all these years later this car was such a blessing! I had not a moments problem with her and had fun driving her. Memaw asked me why I needed all the "bells and whistles" referring to the moonroof and I told her for beautiful days like today.

Here I am holding Jack for one last picture. He only rode in the car one time, the day we brought him home, a wonderful day!

Thank you Lord for the blessing this car was and I hope it blesses the young lady that will drive it next.

Now on to find the next car!! This time it will have 4 doors!!


The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

Something about babies & 4 doors... They are so little, but they require 2 extra car doors ;) when I got the Sonata I knew I had to keep kids in mind my CR-V was having to go in the shop & I didn't like the way it seemed so easy to flip just driving down the interstate & a burst of wind would make it so unsteady. Good Luck on your car quest!

Kristi said...

We had a Honda Civic also. It was a great car.

I hope you have "happy hunting" for the next one.


Ms. K and her Students said...

Funny how a car can be such a blessing. I just bought my first "big girl car" - a Hyundai Elantra Limited....heated leather seats, moon roof (the best! :), bells and whistles, gorgeous midnight blue....wishing you all the best for your new car!
From Toronto, Canada
(a "Next Blog" coincidence...)

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!