Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Mom and the Things I LOVE!!

So months ago I found myself pouring over websites searching for the MUST HAVES for a new mom. I also questioned my mom friends about the MUST HAVES and the DON"T BOTHERS for new parenthood. So now that we are six weeks into parenthood I thought I would share those things that I have truly found helpful or enjoyable.

1. Boppy Newborn Lounger
This isn't the horseshoe shaped Boppy that many women use for breastfeeding. This one does not have a hole and you can plop baby right in it to chill out next to you on the couch or you snatch it up and let baby chill out while you shower! My J man loves hanging out in it because he can stretch all he wants.
This item I found on my own and thought it was cool, the ONLY reason I registered for it. Glad I did.

2. The Ultimate Crib Sheet
This comes from a friend recommendation and SO very glad I listened! This fabulous crib sheet snaps into your crib on top of your pretty/decorative crib sheet and is easily changed out when baby has an accident or spits up! They are a little pricey but register for them or just plan for $20 each. Get 2 then you have one always clean to change out!

3. JJ Cole Diaper Caddy
This was like #1 and I thought it was cool and would look nicer in the living room than just a stack of diapers. I got mine from Babies-R-Us but I am sure you can find it at other places or online. It holds the box of wipes, a nice stack of diapers, a drawer for the extras and the perfect sized waterproof changing pad. It looks nice sitting in the living room and we don't have to take J man to the nursery every time for a diaper change.

4. Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack
It looks like grass and holds a ton of small items. Its cute on your countertop and easily holds 6 bottles and all of their parts. Much cuter than a kitchen towel even though the kitchen towel is probably the most popular drying rack of choice! This was another "I think this is adorable" register item.

5. My Brest Friend
Yes you read that right and I did not misspell "Breast". This is a breastfeeding pillow that is truly helpful and gives baby the perfect spot to lay while he or she feeds. This was a gift from a friend but came recommended by LOTS of friends. It has been quite handy and Brian calls it J man's Dinner Table!

So these are the things I have found very helpful in these first six weeks. I hope it has been helpful.

Maybe my next list will be those things we DIDN'T get and are glad!!

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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