Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its That Time!!

Time for what you say? Time for some new clothes. 14 weeks into pregnancy and I am only up 4 lbs thanks in part to mass quantities of morning sickness but that does not mean that things aren't a changin'!

I am down to a few pairs of capris (pony tail holder needed for a little room), one pair of jeans and a few pair of workout pants. All current tops/blouses/shirts are fine and I am thankful. I am glad its summer because all of the above clothing options are perfectly fine for the moment.

Friday I am headed over to Keller to my friend Jenny's house. She has an almost 6 month old and a closet full of maternity clothes. She was given tons but as a nures mostly just needed scrubs. I get to go shopping in her closet for all things maternity. I hope a lot works out because it would be wonderful to save the money for other things!!

I do feel like I will need to buy me a big 'ol tent dress aka MuMu at some point in time. For "those" days, the ones I know are coming. The days when I am going to just feel like a big old barn. I will be counting the days by that time ( I am assuming) and wearing my MuMu dress with my feet propped up, eating pickles and warding off heartburn.

Pregnancy sure is a ride of a lifetime. Lots of changes, most of which noone really talks about but should, going on. Some are great changes and others not so much, hence the ones noone really talks about.

We are excited about our little Peanut and are looking forward to finding out in a couple of weeks if Peanut is a boy or a girl. In the meantime, I gotta find some clothes to wear!! Before I get stuck in the house in my bathrobe!!


LisaShaw said...

Enjoy every moment of this time including the "mumu outfit" if you need to get it (smile).

Will you share with us if Peanut is a girl or a boy? Of course that's something very personal so I totally understand if you don't tell us about her just yet. Love you much and praying for you, your hubby and Peanut (smile).

Amy E. said...

it means so much to me that you pray for our family. And I am sure we will be sharing boy or girl when we find out. I don't think I can hold it in!!

Cheryl Barker said...

Amy, you're so lucky to get to go shop in a friend's closet! And you're right -- there will be plenty of other ways to spend your money from now on! :) Can't wait to hear the boy or girl announcement! Take care!

The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

I'm guessing that Peanut is going to be a boy. Of course I have a 50% chance of being wrong, but I always like to guess. :) I've been right on the last 5 people I've guessed on, so I'm thinkin I may be on a roll. It makes it fun. Of course I'm sure you both have opinions on what you think he or she is.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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