Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How I know I will never be a nurse!

This was not your typical Wednesday around the England house. Well it began in a very typical manner as Brian was up before me and I rolled out of bed around 6:20 in my usual state of fog. Within a few minutes I was attempting to wash the fog away with a hot shower and had lathered up my head.

About the same time I heard "AHHHHHHH, That hurt!! I think I broke my toe!!"

This lovely a.m. greeting was coming from my husband.

After a frantic jump from the shower and wrapping up my drippy self I turn the corner to find my husband lying on the bedroom floor clutching his foot and a tiny little pinkie toe that looked like a hitchhiker was staring at me! See his pinkie toe was at a 90 degree angle sticking out the wrong way!!

"Ice!!" that is what I thought and I race to the kitchen only to find myself completely light-headed, instantly drunk with nausea and grasping countertops to prevent a disastrous collapse.

I will myself to get the Ziploc bag, fill it with ice and grab a towel. I struggle to return to the bedroom, as I am now in a complete sweat, and THROW the ice and towel at my injured husband.

I attempt to sit on the side of the bed and get my head between my knees. (see I remember having to do this years ago when I injured MY ankle and was in severe pain) This was no good and the nausea was increasing moment by moment. Back to the bathroom for a cool rag on my neck and some composure. Keep in mind my sweet, dear, injured husband is lying on the bedroom floor trying to pop his toe back in place and not be sick himself.

I am absolutely NO GOOD for my dear husband for a good 15 minutes. Now if you are reading this and laughing out loud...GOOD! We have laughed all day at the site that was US this morning. You really can't make this stuff up!! Real life doesn't get any funnier! My BFF told me that had I collapsed and hit my head Brian and I could have had side by side hospital beds. One for a concussion and the other for a broken toe! NICE!! I swear we would be the most famous video on YouTube had this been recorded!! Hilarious!!

Once I could think again we had most definately decided that work for either of us would not be happening so we made the phone calls and prepared to head to the doctor. We were blessed with a brief first visit to our primary physician to learn the toe was most definately broken but not a clean break. We headed home to wait for a phone call about seeing a specialist later in the day.

After a couple of hours we had a 2:00 appointment in Plano. Our 2:00 doctor's visit resulted in a numbed up toe that was popped back into alignment and some high dose ibuprofen. Oh and quite the lovely Fracture Shoe.

So a couple of days off from work to rest and the toe will be on the mend. And I now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, nursing could never be my career. Memaw and Janet are the only nurses in the family and that's a good thing! I'll stick to the kiddos and pray noone breaks any toes in class.

Warning: Below is Brian's X-ray. I actually took the picture from the wrong side of the X-ray but you can most definately see the break!


Dreaming again said...

given his mother's history with toes ... this tendency must be genetic!


Walt and Sarah said...

Ouch! Poor Brian! How did he actually break it?

Amy E. said...

Sara-he was walking out of our bathroom and caught his toe on the crown molding baseboard and it just kinda snapped.

Cheryl Barker said...

Amy, loved it when you said you had to throw the ice at your hubby :) You sound like my oldest daughter. She nearly fainted the first time she had to put her contact lenses in :) Hope Brian heals fast!

Walt and Sarah said...

Ouch! Hate it when stuff like that happens!

The Liberto Family said...

I'm just now reading this and I was laughing so hard.
I hope Brian's toe is getting better.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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