Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday Fun and a Celebrity!

Wednesday this week Brian and I packed our bags and headed north to Oklahoma. Thanksgiving this year was with his family and we have had a wonderful time. This year something unique happened as I shared my birthday with Thanksgiving! It has happened a few times in my life and the first time I was 7 and had the chicken pox!

Thursday was a wonderful day and I had so many Birthday wishes and a wonderful gift from my sweet husband. My MIL had already asked if I wanted to do birthday stuff on Thursday or another day and I had shared that we can do whatever is easiest and less stressful. SO...all I knew was that we were to leave the house around 9:00 this morning for a full day! Of what? I had no clue!

So we load up in the car and I am handed a gift and told to promptly read the card...which stated "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1:00!". So I follow said instructions and placed the gift at my feet. I truly know very little about the geography of Oklahoma and had it not been for an occasional sign I would have been clueless as to where we were headed.

After about 30 minutes I had figured out that we were headed to Stillwater!! Eskimo Joe's MUST have been our lunch destination!! Oh I was RIGHT!! We arrived around 11:00 and had a great plate of burger and fries!!

Back in the car to our next destination and now at this point, CLUELESS does not even begin to describe me. I can read signs but they mean nothing to me! We had about an hour until our destination so I enjoyed the countryside and played a little Nintendo DS. As we approached the town (this I knew by the discussion in the front seat) I began to look around and learned that we were in Ponca City, Oklahoma. It is now a little before 1:00 and I am told I can now open my gift. I read the card and open the gift bag.

As I pull THIS out of the bag....

I look up to read THIS on the sign....

I let out a squeal of delight!! I had put the cookbook on the list of birthday ideas and I had plans to go stand in line this coming Tuesday night in Dallas for her to sign SOMETHING. But now here we were..waiting in line to MEET THE PIONEER WOMAN!!! aka Ree.

We entered this quaint bookstore and got our ticket for the line. I was #96 in line and therefore had a nice wait ahead of me. Not a problem, the store had tons to check out and free wi-fi so I was good to go!!

I bought THIS lovely scarf while waiting.

I know, I know..get to the good part!

Here is Ree signing books for others in the store. The set up was perfect for being able to watch and hang out while waiting your turn. She brought one of her punks (aka kids) with her. Her daughter was very sweet.

So just over 2 hours after we arrived it was MY turn!! Ree was just as nice can be!!! I shared with her that this was my birthday present and she wished me a happy birthday..TWICE!!!

It was totally cool to meet her and I have already read half the cookbook..and yes..I have READ each recipe so far!!

BONUS: On the drive home, Brian noticed the entrance to the ranch..The Drummond Ranch!!! Yes..we drove RIGHT by the ranch!! Could see the roofs of the house and lodge from the road!!
Now remember how I said I have no geographical understanding of Oklahoma? Well I truly have NO idea where we were but we DID see the ranch!!

Thanks to my wonderful In-Laws for such a great day!!

So here we are!!

Here's B and me waiting for our turn.

Here's me and my wonderful Mother-In-Law!!

What a fun day and what a surprise!! Great memory!! Great fun!! and now to decide..What will I cook first?!!!!


Walt and Sarah said...

That is so cool and thoughtful of your in-laws!

I just made her dinner rolls last week! (not sure if they're in the book)

Marc and Charity said...

That's awesome Amy! What fun for your to have that little scavenger hunt/surprise for your B-day! I have told Marc a few weeks ago that I want her cookbook for Christmas!

Cheryl Barker said...

Amy, I'm a Pioneer Woman fan, too. What fun you must have had! Good luck trying the recipes!

The Liberto Family said...

What a wonderful Birthday! I'm sorry I didn't call you or even e-mail you. What a bad friend not to call on your Birthday.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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