Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Time!

This past Monday was Brian's 36th birthday. We celebrated all weekend long until Monday evening. Now don't get any crazy ideas about our celebrating, it was all relatively calm! :-)

Saturday we got to have lunch with Rich and his dad. They were in town to see the Arkansas Razorbacks play A & M at the new Cowboy Stadium. Rich is an old friend from college days. Now having lunch with these guys didn't have anything really to do with Brian's actual birthday but it was part of our weekend and its always a good thing to hang with a good friend.

Saturday night we went to see our DALLAS STARS in their Home Opener. Great game! Too bad we lost. But Brian and I never miss the chance to watch some hockey.

Sunday after church we went to see a double feature, Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3-D. Very cool, very fun. We were the only adults in the theater that didn't have a child attached to them. Oh and the 3-D glasses were quite the trendy look! We were channeling Harry Carey.

Sunday night I baked part 1 of Brian's birthday cake. A delicious Tres Leches cake was in the works and by Monday evening it did not disappoint!

Monday was B's actual birthday and after a long day at work we had dinner at Red Robin. My husband can never turn down a good burger. I had invited friends over to share in our celebration and in the cake!

A great time of celebrating the wonderful man I am blessed to be married to.


Cheryl Barker said...

What a great weekend you guys had! The cake looks yummy :)

My daughter & son-in-law enjoy watching hockey, too. They are Detroit Redwings fans. Just posted a huge answer to prayer for them -- a follow-up to an earlier post you may have seen in late June. Hop over and check it out when you get a chance! Blessings!

LisaShaw said...

Aww, you are the cutest couple! Happy Birthday to your husband and many blessings for you both.

Molly said...


Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!