Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jiffy Pop!!

Long before there was microwave popcorn there was JIFFY POP. You know that familiar silver pan that would become a large silver balloon that once popped would spill out lovely fluffs of buttery popcorn! Well if YOU know all about Jiffy Pop you are blessed!!

See when I was a kid my mom would NEVER buy Jiffy Pop!! It was cheaper to buy the oil and popcorn and do it yourself! And yes she was right, it was cheaper..but JIFFY POP was COOLER!!! So my childhood went JIFFY POP-less. No growing balls of aluminum foil or vigorous shaking over a hot stove. So very sad I know.

Well last week I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when I spied the JIFFY POP!! Oh Joy!! I immediately snatched up a Jiffy Pop and tossed it into my buggy. On to the check out and home.

Once home Brian and I were unloading the groceries and I pulled out my popcorn treat to show Brian! His exclamation, "I have never had Jiffy Pop. My mom would never buy it!!"
Oh my..I just learned something new about my husband!! So we made plans for a Jiffy Pop & movie night sometime in the coming days.

Well last Thursday was THE day!! Dinner, Jiffy Pop and movie!!

In my excitement to open the package I tore the foil..well you know that just ruins the Jiffy Pop before you even turn the stove on!! Well David ( my younger brother) came to the rescue by running to Wal-mart and returning with 2 Jiffy Pops ( just in case)

With great caution I opened the 2nd Jiffy Pop and successfully revealed that shining foil of popcorny goodness! Brian stepped in as the Popcorn Assistant and read the directions, fired up the stove and VOILA!!! The pictures say it all!!

So with much relief I can now say, "I have had Jiffy Pop!!" The buttery goodness was all I thought it would be and we managed to eat every bite!!! (aren't you surprised?)

So now that Brian and I have had our Jiffy Pop Experience we can move on to the next step in life!! Ha!


The Liberto Family said...

I have to say I have never had it either! We didn't the cheaper way also. I guess I will have to be on the look out for it.

Glad you two got to share something new together!

LisaShaw said...

Good for you guys!

I had it a few times in my child hood and teens. I remember that it was good indeed but as an adult I don't buy it because it was SO FATTY but that's what makes it so delicious. Or maybe it was the fact that we added more salt, more butter...mmmmmm good that made it so fatty.

I love popcorn I just buy the microwave mini bags but it doesn't stand up to JIFFY POP!!!

Bless you both. I just love popping in to visit with you guys. I feel like we're old friends as I watch all the goodies of your marriage/lives together.

I have those special moments with my hubby and have for almost 19 years. They are special times. Enjoy the DATE NIGHTS and have them often.

Molly said...


Chad & Amy said...

I don't think we ever had Jiffy Pop either:) I'll stick to my microwave popcorn though!

Nancy said...

My mom wouldn't buy Jiffy Pop either. She also didn't cut my sandwiches diagonally. Needless to say I cut my sandwiches on the "diag" today.

Haven't seen Jiffy in a while. I'll have to check it out. Maybe our daughter would like to watch it rise.

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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