Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Deep Fried Monday!!!

Funnel cakes, Fletcher's corny dogs, sliders, Deep Fried S'mores, & Tater Twisters!! Fried, Fried, and Fried!!! It must be the Texas State Fair and fall here in Texas.

This is Big Tex!

Monday night Brian and I ventured out to south Dallas and Fair Park to the State Fair of Texas.

Greeted by Big Tex of course we wandered around 227 acres of fun and frivolity..oh and don't forget the FRIED. We have a tradition each year when we attend the fair. Park at one end..walk all the way to the other the Fletcher's Corny Dog Stand...the big one near the Esplanade. Two corny dogs in hand we grab a large icy cold Root Beer and start the the Land of Cars!!
Cars, Cars, and Cars..I think its the only thing at the fair there is more of than fried things!!!

We climb in and out of new cars, gah gah over the newest models and ooo and ahhh about our favorites, all the while making "the list". You know "the list"...the list of the cars you would have..if you could afford them..or the "one day, one day...she'll be mine" (you do know you refer to all cars as feminine right?) My favorite this year..the Challenger...she is purdy..goes real fast too!! We also favored the Lexus ISF....yeah..that one is about a trillion years away from sitting in any driveway we might own!! :-) Oh and B just reminded me...the Cadillac XLR....OOOOOOO...AHHHHH...yeah..she's all that..and a bag o chips!! But since we are at the fair, it would have to be a Deep fried bag o chips!!

We love to dream, sit in the seats and take in the sweet smell of NEW CAR!!!

Then we move on to the Light Show!! Its a fun 15 minute light show on the esplanade. Music, lights, flames of fire and fireworks! Its a nice rest on the lawn. Really its just a break before you dive into the next batch of fried!!

So off we go..directly for the Tornado Twister Taters..(whatever they are called) Golden fried, curly potatoes, seasoned with a little Red Sand. These were quickly followed by a hamburger slider with potato sticks. The gastrointestinal distress had not set in yet, so we forged ahead....straight to the mystical world of..."Fried sweet stuff".

Here in this magical land I found Deep Fried S'mores...ahhhh...I so wish it had been much larger and at the same thankful it was not. Chocolate and marshmallow tucked between 2 graham crackers, battered just so..and FRIED. Fried to a golden crisp, served with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Now I have to admit something...I devoured every bite of that golden chocolate treat..and then...I LICKED THE PAPER!! Yes..I said it..and Yes..I did it...I could not help myself. I am also very thankful that I no longer own a Fry Daddy or I just might go into the Deep Fried S'mores business..for myself!

As I was still on a fried sugar high, Brian found his favorite fried sweet..old school Funnel Cake. Lightly powdered and delicious. This officially put us over the top. Thankfully we ate all the fried creations we had desired!! Our treck back to the car involved a round of "Fat Belly" and finishing off a large cup of water!! Neither helped, but made us feel a little better!!

Its a really good thing the fair only comes to town once a year and we only allow ourselves to divulge in such extravagent(fried) treats!! I could not handle the guilt!!

Well thanks for re-living Deep Fried Monday with me! I really could go for a Fletcher's or those S'mores. Ahhh.

Here are a few pics from our adventure. Oh and leave it to find the Video Games!
Fletcher's Corny dogs!!

Here's my new ride!! I wish!

Hank Hill would be proud at the amount of propane used here!

Twister Taters!! MMM...good!

Deep Fried S'mores!

Old School Funnel Cake..I think the picture below says it all!


The Liberto Family said...

Oh you made me so hungry and it's only be two hours since I had breakfast. Oh I wish I could have a corny dog! Next year I'm going wtih or with out Paul! Paul isn't a big fan of the TEXAS State Fair! Melissa needs to enjoy it with Mama! Glad you two had a good time and ate all the Good Food!

Molly said...

Oh my goodness I laughed so hard!!! I want to go to the fair next year so badly...if only to eat!! I'm actually drooling on the computer.

Genevieve said...


Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!