Friday, August 22, 2008

It's 2:17 on you know where you are?

Well I know that I am sitting at my desk, looking at my classroom and considering the students that will appear in my class this coming Monday. Monday starts my 12th year of teaching and my 10th in this current position, although the kids don't know that. I am looking forward to a new year. I have been praying all along this week for the students that will sit in the chairs I see at the moment. Some come from stable, loving homes and are so ready to learn, others come from not so stable places and struggle to find the importance in learning...yet..both will be in my class and it is my job to make them ALL feel least within my 4 walls.

Teaching has to be the most exhausting and rewarding of all professions. Recently I was at lunch with a group of co-workers and our server seemed familiar to me. A young man who I was sure had at one time been in my class. Then it struck me, He was the one that did not like me...or anything I had to say...He was also a bit of a problem in class. Well it was so nice that he remembered me,fondly, and we had a chance to chat...and I was able to see the result of a kid "just growing up". He now is in college, doing well and has good goals for his future. Nice to see that the "problem child" grew out of him. Those moments make me smile. Its good to see former students being successful. Its what teaching is all about. We hope to plant seeds of knowledge that will serve them well and have a positive impact on lives.

Here's to another group of Falcons!! I know it will be a great year.

Take time to pray for our schools, our teachers and our children. Pray for safety and protection and the educating of lives..and not just "book learnin'"

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Engagement Picture
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