Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation 2008: Day 1

Late last Monday night we flew out around 8:00 and arrived in Albuquerque at 8:40 Mtn. time. My aunt and uncle live in Sandia Park, about 40 miles from Albuquerque. Aunt Gay picked us up and we headed home with her. We stayed up late visiting and catching up on life. Here is the amazing view from her back patio. We had coffee out there each morning.

Tuesday we headed out to see the mountain. Before we headed up the mountain we made a stop at Tinkertown "Museum". Its not really a museum in a typical really is an eclectic collection of carvings, trinkets, and art. Tinkertown is the result of one man's hobby. Ross Ward began carving in 1962 and collected, painted, and tinkered his way into a museum. These are just a few of the pictures.

After our time at Tinkertown we headed up the mountain to Sandia Crest. We drove up the east side of the mountain and enjoyed this amazing view.

Next we headed up Highway 14 to Madrid(pronounced MAD-rid). Madrid is along the famous Turquoise Trail and is a VERY small town. Lots of art, funky shops, and a great tavern..the Mine Shaft Tavern...where they have an awesome chicken burrito.
Madrid has recently become famous for its Hollywood debut as the location for the filming of the movie "Wild Hogs". The picture you see below of "Maggie's" is a set that was built and used in filming.

After a fun filled day we headed home to enjoy the sunset and relax. Here are a few pictures of our view.

Day 2 events to come soon!!

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Walt and Sarah. said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see day 2!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!