Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gotta Give a Speech!!

Well I know that I spend A LOT of time standing in front of people....opening my mouth and uttering words...but as I sit here...I am struggling to find any words. See..about 2 weeks ago I was asked to be the guest speaker at a banquet for the drill team at my high school. This is a first for me. I talk a lot throughout my week..just ask my husband..but not like this. I give out information and TEACH...I don't stand in front of a group of people and try to inspire. So I am working on my speech and hope I can be inspiring...I hope I can not clear my throat 40 times during my speech...and I hope I can 'read' my speech and not look like I am reading...teleprompters are not available...and I hope the girls are glad I was picked to speak! :-)

So back to re-read what I have worked on and see how I can improve, tweek, etc.
Tomorrow night I think I will make Brian listen to my speech..of course that will have to happen during an intermission...since the DALLAS STARS play tomorrow night!!! Puck drops at 6:30!!!
GO STARS!!!!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!

Okay....back to my "homework" Wish me luck...the banquet is this Saturday at 6:00.


Walt and Sarah. said...

Good Luck! What an honor! Nerve wracking but what a great honor!

jenny j said...

you'll be great amy! you inspire me almost everytime we talk!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!