Friday, April 20, 2007

Too Long!!

Well I really never planned on going this long without updating our Blog..but life has just gotten away from me!! Nothing terribly exciting has been going on..just enough of "everyday stuff" to keep us busy. Brian has been really busy at work...lots of long days recently.

We are almost finished with Financial Peace University. Only about 3 weeks left. The course has been an amazing blessing and I know all that we have learned will serve us well for years to come.

Easter weekend was great! Another wedding and time with family. Brian's long-time friend, Erick, got married the day before Easter Sunday. The wedding was really sweet and his new bride, Laura, seems really nice.

Easter Sunday was an amazing time of worship. We usually attend Heritage Baptist when we are in Texarkana...that is the church we got married it holds a special place in our hearts!!

The service was an awesome blend of God's written word, worshipful praise, communion and The Cross! One of the best Easter services EVER!!!

Last weekend we joined our friends The Hahns ( newylweds) for a garage sale!! Oh and man was it COLD outside!!! The morning started off cold and just got colder!!! But by 2:00 we were $42.00 richer and our junk was now someone else's!!!

This week was TAKS week at school..UGH. Mornings full of testing and afternoons full of brain dead kids. So not a lot of teaching went on. Back to the grind next week.

Oh and I guess last but not least...We are headed to the Stars game tomorrow (Sat, April 21st) for a Play-off Game!!! A very unexpected surprise came our way!! So we will be there to cheer the Stars on!!! We are so excited!!! LOVE HOCKEY!!!

Erick & Laura with the "Target" crew.

All these guys worked together back in T-town.

Our nephew Aaron Ray on Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday, 2007

Brian, Amy, Don, Mom, Becky & Brian

Aaron is down front..and the old tires are just a bonus to the pic.

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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