Thursday, April 26, 2007

Teaching..I can see the light to summer!!!

Well...21 days and counting!!! Feels like just yesterday I was meeting all of these kids for the first time. Trying to learn names and getting to know all the different personalities...getting to know the kids as much as you can...and trying to teach them new concepts, ideas, facts and maybe a little respect along the way. The end of my 10th year is nearing the end. Hard to believe.
We had a presentation this past Monday..."Danger Without Intentions" I have seen the presentation on 3 different occasions and I am always affected by what I see. Our prom is this weekend...and we always try to spend some time focused on the importance of making good choices. Talking to kids about thinking..before doing. We hope they will think before they pass the line of good judgement.
If you ever need a dynamic presentation to reach Guy and Deborah at the above website. Really a presentation that could change your life. But it always makes me sad that "we" the school have to do the reminding...instead of parents..too many parents these days are passing their job off to others. I know that sounds very pessimistic but I guess this is just one of those days. It has been one of those weeks. I am always thankful for involved parents..I just wish I had more of them.

SOOOO ready for school to be get a much needed mental rest.


Marc and Charity said...

Let the countdown begin girl! I remember those days. I hope the last few weeks of your 10th! goes well. I know you are ready for a break. I just said a prayer for you today!

Brian & Amy England said...

Thanks Charity!!
It is the final countdown!!! (wish I had the music to go with that! :-)

Have a blessed day!!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
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