Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Here's What's Happenin'

Well I can't say that there is much of anything exciting to report this week, but I must update my Blog or Charity might not ever read our Blog again!! :-)
Last weekend was nice..the in-laws were in town Friday night. They were traveling back from Abilene and stayed the night. My father-in-law has a new favorite restaurant we dined at Salerno's Italian Restaurant!! Yumm-O!!!
Saturday they headed back to B.A. pretty early and we enjoyed the afternoon and beautiful weather. Church was great! Our class had prayer time during the service and it was a blessing to share that time with such amazing and special people. Brian and I are really blessed to be in such a great Sunday School class!
Sunday night I tackled the taxes and UGH!!! I think a Mac truck drove through our house!!! Taxes are just not fun to deal with. But come April 15th it will all be over!!!

Brian and I are still involved in the Financial Peace University class and really enjoying it!! We have met some really nice people and we have learned so much!! I think this is week 4?? Not sure, but thankful that our homework this week was easy and short!!

Well I guess that about does it for us this week. No new pictures to share but maybe after this weekend! We have family in town again. Brother-in-law, wife and kids!!! We hope to get to the zoo..if it does not rain!!


Marc and Charity said...

You are silly! Thanks for updating it for me :) Even if nothing exciting happens, it's fun to see all the "normal" things people are up to these days.

Are you a smooth or crunchy PB gal? We are definitely smoothies.

Have a great week!

Brian & Amy England said...

Hey Charity!
I am a "smoothie" girl..I think Brian actually likes the crunchy! I only like crunchy for making PB cookies!!

You guys have a great week and weekend!!!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!