Friday, March 16, 2007

Bowling with the family!!

Last weekend Brian' brother and his family were here. Martin, April and 3 kids..Zach, Alexys and Emily. It was the beginning of spring break for them so they came for a visit. We enjoyed doing a little shopping, out to eat some and then we attacked the bowling alley!!! 2 hours of "pin dropping" fun!! I do have to say that Zach..the 12 year old...he smoked us all on the second game!! He bowled a turkey (3 strikes in a row) and then another strike in the 10th frame!!! By that night he was asking for his own bowling ball and shoes!!! I think we have stumbled on a new England tradition!!!

My sister-in-law, April and me.

Alexys & Zach


Brian and his brother, Martin

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Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
Just wanted to add another pic to our blog and this is one I really like!!